we make you king


We make cats look like lions.

We are young, we are hungry. We are JNGL. A team of passionate communication specialists making your brand the king of the JNGL. Yes, we want to make you popular. Not by roaring louder, but by letting your customers be the king. Through little genius efforts we create smiles on their faces. Efforts that spread your passion. That's what makes people happy. And if they are, you are too. If that means shooting a chair into space, we've got NASA on speed dial.

Do you hear the call? Let's get this adventure started. We know a business needs to sell (we've got one of our own, you know). So call us if you want to know how popular gets you the stone cold cash.


We have a strategic plan.
It's called doing things.

Yes. All that you've heard is true.

We are passionate. Special. Different. Ambitious. Stubborn. Clever. Fast.
So let's have a drink together.



We walk the talk, ask us any question you like.
The JNGL holds many secrets, we will try to come up with some answers for you. 

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